WaterCop - Leak Detection

Get the WaterCop system in your Loveland & Fort Collins, CO home

What if you could find out about leaks without waiting for signs of water damage to appear? With the WaterCop system from Dynaquip, you can. WaterCop is an early warning leak detection system. Chambers Plumbing & Heating Inc. installs the WaterCop system for homeowners in Loveland, Fort Collins, CO and the surrounding area.

Avoid spending money on wasted water and plumbing repair work by getting a WaterCop system today.

Rely on the most advanced leak detection system available

Rely on the most advanced leak detection system available

Your Wi-Fi-compatible WaterCop system installation involves...

  • Attaching a device to the main water line coming into your house
  • Installing sensors to plumbing fixtures throughout the home
  • Adding optional freeze sensors to prevent pipe damage during winter

The moment the system detects a leak, it will automatically shut off water to your home so you won't have to deal with flooding or water damage.WaterCop was voted the brand leader in "water leak detection" by electronics integrators in the annual "CE Pro 100 Brand Analysis."

This leak detection system is so reliable that some insurance providers will give you a discount on your homeowner's policy if you have one. Learn more by calling 970-667-3050 today.